5 New Shades of Marble Chunky

Marble Chunky

James C Brett have recently added 5 new shades to my absolute favourite yarn - Marble Chunky (colours MC80 - MC84). Marble Chunky is perfect for crafting all kinds of warm winter garments. With it's marbled earthy tones and soft velvety texture, it's a pleasure to wear and to knit with. Made with acrylic, it's tailored for using with 6mm knitting kneedles. Below are a few of my favourite garments knitted with Marble Chunky to give you an idea of the kind of things you can do with it. With over 50 different shades there's really no limit as to what you can create with this beautiful yarn...

JB469 - Ladies Chunky Jumper in Marble Chunky

This is another garment using the Marble Chunky. I know I post quite a lot of this yarn but it’s lovely to work with and great value. This is a simple ribbed jumper, perfect for beginners. I always have my sleeves longer so I can keep my hands warm. It’s sooo cold in the market! Yarn used was MC74.

JB426 - Ladies Chunky Cardigan in Marble Chunky

 This is such an easy knit, easy to wear jumper. This yarn is MC7; a lovely vibrant, fun coloured yarn.

JB129 - Ladies Chunky Cardigan in Marble Chunky

Of all the 160 items of knitwear that I have, this garment has by far had the most compliments. Both pattern and yarn is by James C Brett. Yarn used - MC73.

JB129 Chunky Knit Cardigan

JB355 - Ladies Chunky Cardigan in Marble Chunky

I always feel a bit Audrey Hepburn when I wear these cardigans with this lovely collar and flattering neck line. Yarn used - MC28 and MC68.


The Marble Chunky Pattern Collection

And if that wasn't enough inspiration... here's my entire collection of patterns which can be knitted used Marble Chunky Yarn. Beautiful knitted garments for ladies, gents, children, and babies... 

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