Bubbalicious - our favourite yarn of the year!


Bubbalicious!! My favourite yarn of the year💕💕 by James C Brett. This versatile yarn is DK, 100% stretchy Polyamide, which makes it so soft and luscious.  It’s also has a fluffy bobble texture and is just so comfortable and cosy to wear. I have 4 jumpers in this yarn. Definitely in my top 5. Here it is in 6 gorgeously soft two-tone shades and the striking black/white blend which I absolutely love (see below for examples of my Bubbalicious wardrobe!).


JB535 - Ladies DK Jumper in Bubbalicious

Do you think it's excessive that I have this jumper in 4 different colours? Well not I - I want more!  This is a James C Brett Pattern with a simple round neck jumper that looks great knitted in Bubbalicious. They are just so comfortable and cosy to wear.



More Bubbalicous Patterns

Here is my collection of all of my favourite knitted garments using Bubbalicious. 1 ladies jumper, 3 ladies cardigans, and 2 delightful children's garments including a short sleeved jumper perfect for Spring. It's great for sensitive skin, and even machine washable (best go for a delicate 30 wash!). Honestly, everyone will fall in love with the lovely texture of this yarn.


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