About us







LOVE THAT WOOL" are words carefully chosen by Gaynor Wilson to describe her business. She uses this phrase everyday of her working life, not just to reassure her customers of the quality of the wool she sells, but to personally endorse it as a wool enthusiast. Gaynor loves to wear wool and fully appreciates how beautiful and timeless a knitted garment can look. She is very knowledgeable on all matters woollen and is known amongst her friends and customers as someone who knows how to dress well with an unique flair, a quality that's evident in her management of Love that Wool.

Business and history

Before becoming an online business, Love That Wool was located in Stockport's old town housed in its beautiful Victorian Market Hall. Today's business is a continuation of the one started by Gaynor's father John in 1966 who initially traded in the weekly markets around the North West. John finally took the premises in Stockport around 25 years ago and became known as "John the Wool" amongst the other local traders. In anticipation of her fathers retirement, Gaynor became involved full time in the business in 2011 though she has continually worked with her father during the 53 years that the business has been trading. 

The Wool

Gaynor's wool is supplied exclusively by Yorkshire based company, James C Brett Limited, a firm she's proud to be associated with. Due to their long trading relationship many friendships have developed between the two and Gaynor's weekly visits to "Bretts" are a great source of banter and an opportunity to exchange information between retailer and supplier.

A word from Gaynor...

"I'm a wool addict and have a fine selection of yarns from James C Bretts - another  family run business that has grown over the last ten years. I wear a knitted garment nearly every day of my life :)"